Bird on wheels

The scenery here is ridiculously beautiful.

I woke up to sunbathing mountains, in a light so bright it can only be divine. This place has something special, and I am on my way to discover more.

Sitting outside, rocked by the song of the sheep’s bell all around, I enjoy my homemade breakfast: muesli, yoghurt, and plenty of fresh fruits. Oslo 0 – Flam +10!

Bike rental is arranged by the hostel, helmet is included. Safety and style! I jumped on my fancy ride and hit the road. Following the fjord line, I quickly arrive to Aurland. The city seems to be asleep, I keep on cycling.


I cannot describe the feeling. The road is all mine, on my left (yes I did the L with my hand before typing), majestic water. So quiet it looks frozen. On my right, the cliffs topped with snow. Riding in between gave me wings. I could not stop smiling.

After a few km, the roads shrink smaller and become steeper. Do not stop, do not stop, do not stooop. But I did, next to a small farm. From this point on, I will walk. I can hear a waterfall, it becomes my target. I am not sure if the path I am taking is supposed to be walked, but I feel comfortable, adventurous and turning around is anyway not an option.

There are 3 bridges at the waterfall. No need to be Indiana Jones to figure out there is only 1 safe enough. From the other side, it is more a climbing path than a hiking one. But the promise of a stunning view is leading my feet. Few rookie mistakes (rocks, rocky, rookie…see what I have done here?) before heading to a viewpoint only the sheep seem to enjoy. No one around, not a sound. Praaaachtig.


Going back to the waterfall, I made new friends. At first they would not really let me pass but after tough negotiation they even decided to follow me to the bridge where we had to say goodbye.

The way down is way quicker. in less than 15 minutes I am back in Aurland. The city has woken up, and there I find shelter in a small organic coffee. I fall asleep on the terrace, in the sun. Few minutes pass away and my roommate of yesterday walks in. We share a cup of coffee and a few stories.She is from Quebec, very much in love with her city and gives me some valuable tips for my next stop in Canada. I love her expression and accent, and I bet she might think the same about my way of talking.

I have always been fascinated by languages. How funny is it that, same or different language, humans can communicate by producing sounds, that put together make sense? We both talk French but in a different way. Yet, I understand her. Even when she talks in expression I have never heard before. I just find it brilliant how accessible we make our thoughts and feelings to each other by the mean of languages. It is a human feature, yet this is very much linked to our instinct of living and being together. Using words we make a connection, regardless to the words we use.

It was a good day, I am at peace and I at ease. I even did a bit of yoga in the garden. It is Wednesday after all, and despite my happiness I do miss a few of my Dutch habits.

Tomorrow, VIKING! Kayaking in the fjord!

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