Burning Flam

Flam has been good to me.  Pure nature, accessible escape, peace around the corner. Lost in the mountains, Flam is a treasure.

Riding to Bergen, I won’t stop being amazed by the beauty all around. The train strolls around the mountains, like a snake under hypnoses. Being on board is like travelling through seasons. Endless thick snow melts into baby waterfalls, filling up turquoise natural pools. Between dark rocks, clear water finds its way down the valley, running into a growing river. As the train keeps on going, life grows all around. Trees turn green, birds fool around, tiny white and purple flowers are showing up, shy and humble. In some places, the grass has already been burn by a playful sun, showing up between graceful clouds.

It is ridiculously easy to travel in Europe. In a few hours, you can go from home to a place so peaceful you might be the first human to touch ground. I am homeless, yet I feel I am right where I am supposed to be. No address needed, you do not belong to one place only. Travelling is empowering. It gives me the courage to defy my fears. The further I go, the further I want to go. Each step gives me more. More to see, to feel, to tell, to share… also more to look forward to as each step gives me more strength, feeding my furious envy to keep walking. As weird as it sounds, I know where I am going (still have to work on left/right, but that is not what I mean).

You do not need a destination, either a plan. You just need to listen to yourself. Are you happy? Keep going. You are not? Look further and switch direction. I make it sound as easy as cycling to the Aurland’s Farm, and it actually is. You are your best friend, and worse enemy. Pick the right battle, and the right partners to fight with and for.

We are scared of the unknown. Unknown places, people, culture. We are taught to keep the unknown on safe distance, to be ‘’careful’’. We do not even know what we have to be afraid of, as we do not know this ‘’scary’’ unknown. Children want to touch fire, roll up in the snow, jump in water, run down rocky paths, walk on their hands… they listen to their instincts, until their parents scream loud enough to ‘’bring them back’’ to a ‘’reasonable’’ behavior. We are taught to be careful, to fear the loss of control. It is for the best for a lot of reasons. But we create societies of people closing up to themselves, their own beliefs and own habits. Everything differing from what they know would be a threat, to their so called freedom.

But remember: you can walk because you were done crawling in the dirt; you can run because you wanted to feel the wind on your face; you can ride a bicycle because you wanted to feel like a bird; you can jump and do back flips because you want to defy gravity… You can move because your instinct does not want you to settle down in one place. Do not shut yourself up.

It has been only a month since I started to give my instincts full priority. It has been more challenging than expected. It is too soon to draw conclusion, but this is how I feel now. I am not scared of travelling, I am afraid of coming back. To a zone made so comfortable it takes all you got to leave it. You know your zone is an illusion, yet leaving it seem like the worse thing to do. I am afraid of coming back for I am afraid of not finding the resource to break away again.

Coming back.  Terrible expression. Like everything you have done does not count and you can just go back where you started. I hope I will never forget how great this is, to be free of movement and social responsibilities. I hope I will not forget what really matters and what makes me feel alive. Thinking about the ‘’after trip’’, I feel good. I am blessed for I have great reasons and motivations to settle. But settling surely does not mean going back.

When I say it is ‘’that easy’’, let me just explain one thing. Knowing I can always fall back to a safe and loving nest has given me wings. I decided to open them up; but I could not have moved without having them in the first place. I haven’t only been taught to be careful, I have been taught to go get what I wanted. Education is key. Do not teach your loved ones how to stay close to you, how to build walls around what you cherish, how to create ‘’valuables’’ in an efficient way. Teach them how to be happy, proud, furious and unique. Teach them how to stand and let them move their own way, their own direction. Love birds always find each other again; you have nothing to lose in letting someone fly away for a while. Easier said than done. I know.

Being on my own far away brings me closer to the ones I love. And I love them even more for supporting me, for letting me go despite the heartache; which I feel too.



This said, I have arrived in Bergen today. Clear sky, shinning sun, smiling people. Everyone I met so far was helpful and friendly. Quick tour of the city, quick taste of the Norwegian salmon on the fish market, and quickly I am dreaming of hiking those mountains I see all around the city. As lifeguards, they create a protective crown around Bergen. Strewn with colorful wooden houses – similar to crown jewels – the majestic Bergen’s lifeguard are keeping a beautiful secret. Behind each of them, multiples lakes and fjords… as far as your eyes can see.

Visiting the Mount Floyen, I figured how endless the beauty of this place was. I walked a few hours in a place with a very particular spirit. Witches and trolls live there, I am quite positive. I feel at home. From shelters to cabins, hidden in deep forest or on the edge of a cliff; I stroll around for 2 hours. The clear weather provides wonderful views in every direction.

Ce diaporama nécessite JavaScript.

Lake Skomakerdiket (I did not even make this up) accommodates a family of ducks. Lake Blamansvannet is shared between trolls and witches. In Floyen, Vikings to be are playing in a pirate ship built up facing the fjords. Lots of adventures are going on in here.


Back in Bergen, I have dinner in a traditional pub, next to Christian who gives me great advice for the menu. Local beer is very tasty, and the fish cake I am having is a perfect addition to it. Back to the hotel, I got confused with the bus stops names (can you blame me?) and got out way too early. Ill end up my journey walking up the hill. Strangely enough, I did not get lost. The beer probably increased my sense of direction – which everyone who knows me would say is below -10.

Tomorrow, up to the Hardangerfjorden. Look it up, it is beautiful.

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