Enjoy the ride

It is all a lot more intense. It’s like this side of the world constantly wears the best Instagram filter.

I rediscover my senses. The pineapples are juicy and sweet, the colors are simply brighter, the air is pure, the rolling waves rock me all day long.


I have never seen such a clear water before: as the wave grows, on the edge of rolling into a perfect pipeline, the sun shines bright through the crystal clear water and just before it crashes onto the soft white sand; here I am, facing this impressive wall of see through water which soon will be reduced to a white foam running between my toes. All day long. I never get tired of the view, the feel, the smell. Salty hypnose.

It is gigantic and majestic. As I breath in, I take in me all the power of the see. I am filled with the infinity of possibilities that the horizon draws. As I breath out, I surrender and give a place to the waves inside of me. Taken into the flow, I am in perfect harmony. This is what the sea does to me: she calms me down. Day and night.


I went cruising on my bike, along the one road which goes around the island: The kamehameha highway. Sitting on the cruiser feels like laying back; and holding the large handle, I eat the road with arms and heart wide open. Unreal scenery pass under my eyes. It feels like the main road was drawn between the two sides of the island.

One side belongs to the ocean and the sandy walking path, offering multitude of hidden ways to beaches – each more beautiful than the last. Delving into one of them, I find myself surrounded with mystical trees. Following what seems to be the spirits of the island, I end up on a small beach tucked in a peaceful creek.

Ce diaporama nécessite JavaScript.

The other side is a lot more mysterious. Winding roads find their way up to the dark mountains, through fields of sugar cane, papayas, pineapples and other treasures. In the background stand massive mountains where jungle trees are taking over dark rocks. Further, the skyline mixes submits, mist and clouds taken prisoner. Breathtaking. I am planning hikes up there soon.

I haven’t been able yet to figure out the name of the black bird with the yellow beak. But they are everywhere! So are lizards, which apparently enjoy keeping me company while I shower. Frogs come hang out on the terrace when the sun is down. And chicken run free in the streets, parking lots and obviously on the beach. How could I not mention the tiny baby crab I had the pleasure to meet when I took a dip into the ocean?

This place has some magic power. Everything is tastier, brighter, clearer, purer. I am hooked on Acai bowls – a superfruit sorbet topped with granola and honey. Give me more, do not be shy. No picture, I ate it too quick.

I was not expected to be so crazy about Hawaii, I thought it was maybe overrated. It is not. This place has gotten into my heart in so many ways already… I cannot tell if it is the shells singing in the wind, the stars looking after me while I shower (less creepy than it sounds), the avocado sandwich I had for lunch (ok, second lunch. Judge me if you like, I could not resist), the genuine smile of people, … I do not know and I am oke not knowing, for I am feeling the best feeling in the world. I am happy, and at peace.

They know how to live in here.  »Island time » is not just a concept, it is a way of living. Laid back but no lacking interest either commitment, I really enjoy the balanced flow of the island. Like a smooth roller coaster you cannot get sick of.


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