How simple can life be? Aloha : it is a state of mind.

Starting up my days with sun salutations and planks, bowls of fresh fruits and Hawaiian tea. There is no schedule, really, so as long as the sun shines I head to the beach. Hawaiian time is different. Time is suspended, minutes last longer, there is not such thing as rushing.

Driving east, I stop by a tiny fruit stand to get some fresh pineapples. Floating in the ocean, I am refreshing from from the sun bath I just took on the white sand. In the shadow of a coconut tree, I finish up reading a tale, toes and elbows in the sand. Tiny white crabs are coming out of the sand, shy but too curious to stay buried. The creek I am at is very quiet: calm water, whispering wind, singing birds… all of it hidden behind a wooded sanctuary keeping this perfect place from the main road.

I stopped carrying cameras with me at the beach when my phone drowned 2 days ago. Napping on the beach, giving myself over to the sun, I was suddenly woken up by a salty wave. It did not take anything away from me, but a bit of pride when I had to squeeze the water out of my towel and bag . My phone did not appreciate the joke and, as moody as one can be, decided to not respond anymore. I got a ride in a red pick-up, so authentic my day could not be more american. Despite the deception of the lost phone, I was still having a good day. I am in Hawaii, what’s not to like? Once in the little town nearby, I could get a new phone and made myself available to the world outside of this paradise. Celebrating life as it should always be done, I ended up the day with the best Brooklyn girls on the one and only dance floor of the North Shore. Inspired by both Hawaiian and New Yorker vibes, I took my dancing game to a new level. Work in progress.

The beautiful thing about travelling alone mainly is in the opportunity of meeting people. I keep being amazed with the easiness of bonding. I found myself yesterday, sitting on one of the many pillboxes –  best lookout for sunset, and actually at any time of the day – in company of 2 of my roommates, 1 from Sydney and 1 from Seattle. We all grew up with a very different background, were shaped and sharpen with different tools and are evolving in different spheres. Not only geographically talking, but in all ways. Yet, we were sitting on this bunker, dominating the ocean and bowing down to the sunset, and we connected. As everything around was turning pink, we talked about how our respective governments are shutting down culture and raising repression; how media are controlling and dis-informing the mass population, how hard it still is for women to be respected in a workplace… but also how lucky we are to be the generation that raises those topics, the generation that is raising awareness and making the changes to create a more sustainable world; in which we want to raise sensible kids instead of robots, grow hope instead of fear, wave glasses of champagne instead of guns. If I sometimes felt diminished by the society I am evolving in, the fights I have to fight to remain myself are empowering me more than shutting me down. And I found – first sad and then beautiful – that from our respective sides of the world, we were fighting the same fight. Not trying to take anything over, not trying to win anything; only trying to be considered equally regardless of your origin, sexuality and beliefs. I do not really believe in a world where we can all love each other; but I do not understand why it has to be so complicated to respect differences and to let go of them. The need of control has killed humanity: we want to control how people we do not know anything about have to live, love, and die. Where does that come from? 

Sharing our experiences, ideas and feelings; we concluded there was more to be grateful for than afraid of. We are lucky for we know; and we can take actions. Results are slow to appear, and we may not measure what our actions will bring on a bigger scale; but I do believe we are in the right move. Awareness is raising; we are disturbing powers that were never questioned until now. We feel the pain but that is necessary for things to change for good. We might not profit from it, but then again; this is not about me, nor about us. It is about insuring a sustainable future to humanity. Starting with not being afraid of  and not competing against each other.

Today I came up to the same conclusion while talking with my new Peruvian roommate. Another culture, another background; but again the same spirit. It gave me so much hope, and joy. I could not be further away from home, and yet I never feel lost nor alone. It is consoling and exhilarating to figure out how many we are, in the same rocking boat. In the end, don’t we all want the same? Peacefully enjoy being ourselves, without fearing being judged.

Gratefully watching the sun going down on Sunset beach tonight, we concluded another quite perfect day. Flowing a few sun salutations in the morning, snorkeling in a water clearer than some public swimming pools I have been at, enjoying local Poke (Hawaiian version of salmon tartar) by the sea side and hiding from the rain in a local designer shop, ending up buying the most amazing outfit. I would not have expected to spot so many amazing sea creatures so close from the shore. Under the sea : another dimension of beauty. Some fish only move in a group, and in circles. Some hop from one rock to another, playing hide and seek with their own shadow. There is one, long and grey, wearing 2 turquoise pearls on each side of his back fin. The butterfly fish – the flat yellow one – is so graceful it freezes you when you spot one. The surgeon fish – flat, blue, with a stupid look in its eyes – seems clueless but happy anyways. All colors and shapes, dancing together in a graceful ballet, making out of the unwelcoming rocks a happy playground. Stunning.

I wonder if I will spot some tomorrow, while skydiving above the island … (yes, it is happening)

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