Mahalo, from stars to sand

Days always end beautifully; pink power. Around 7, the sun disappears in the sea.

After spending the all watching after us, swimming, jumping, floating, riding the waves; it is only fair for him to take a dip. As we watch him leaving, we match the serene pink sky with our (daily) Acai bowls. Diving into the divine meal; we fully enjoy the 3 delights: sea, smoothie and sun.


Loyal and dedicated, the sun always comes back. Shinning through the  blinds of our cozy bedroom, he gently wakes us up. Today, we are flying up; to dive  »above the sea, under the sun ».

A rough start of the day will not lower my level of excitement. I cannot hold my happiness, I am all over the place. As we head west, the car broke down only a few feet away from the lodge. Keine paniek, we get out, push the car on the side of the road, write a note hoping not to get a fine for wild parking (yolo mahalo) and walk back to get another car.


We make it to the skydiving place with a good 30 minutes delay, and no one seem to even care. One of the good thing about the Hawaiian notion of time, is that 30 to 45 minutes delay on an appointment is totally acceptable. Outside of the wooden cabin where we sign the paperwork, colorful parachutes are flying in circle and falling like petals drawn into a downward spiral. I smile back at the ecstatic looks on the flyer’s faces walking back from the landing area. We are about the get rigged up, excitement rises up together with our heart rates. It is happening.

I do not know what I feel anymore, I just cannot wait any longer. I meet Mark, my instructor who gives me my gears, and it is all getting very real. Butterflies! I have no idea really what to expect, and yet I do not fear any of it. Fear will not come to me, at any point. I feel safe, and impatient.


As we board in the plane, sit down on the benches and see the land getting smaller and smaller; I am laying back, stretching my legs, laughing away the little stress caused by the situation. I better not think about it, because I am about to jump off this very plane. I just want to be sure to fix properly the goggles so I wont lose my contacts and will be able to enjoy the show. The rest is in the hands of Mark, and I do not doubt him for a minute. He picked a parachute matching my pink sneakers; that is to me the proof that he is a good man.Before I know it, we stand in front of the open door and 1,2,3 I am flying! I cannot believe how smoothly it went. A step away from a steady plane, here I am, floating in the air. I can dance, flip,  waddle… I can even do my little punches move! Whispering my gratitude to the wind, I give myself up to this powerful element gently carrying me. Floating in the air, admiring Earth and Sea, feeling this burning fire of happiness eating me up… I believe I have never felt so deeply in harmony with the elements, so happy, so light. The parachute is open, our fall becomes a cruise.   »So this is what birds do all day » I said. Waving, facing alternately the mountains and the turquoise horizon; we slowly approach the red dirt roads and green fields. Knees up, feet up… and the eagle has landed. Shaky, I stand right where I touched down. It happened. I am so high I cannot move fast… I just need a few minutes to realize what I just did.

After a few minutes, I already want to go back. I want to feel weightless again, to feel powerful and out of time, to run in the air… what a show! Nothing compares. The perspective you have from up there… it gave me the feeling that this was mine to take care of. Falling back to Earth, cuddling the wind and admiring the blue shades of the ocean; I realized how lucky I am to live on this planet. Flying above the treasure that is Hawaii gave me so much more to be thankful for. Wonders all around, gifts made of light, sand, seed and salt.

After the rush of an unforgettable morning, I spent the afternoon on Sunset Beach; finding the perfect balance between tanning and floating in the ocean. Before sunset, I bring my salty skin back home, shamelessly grab a smoothie bowl on the way, and bow down to another perfect day in paradise.

Mahalo, all the way.


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