Leaving the life

It was the most unexpected surprise of the trip so far: Hawaii.

I never thought it would have that effect on me, and I am very happy I let it happen. Claerly, the place is paradise. But the humans living here are making the all difference. If I have learn one thing over the last weeks – and it was confirmed many times during my stay here – it is that only your fears are stopping you.

Let yourself be inspired, do not listen to anything else than your burning desires and dreams. You are capable of everything you are dreaming of, and nothing but yourself will stop you from achieving your own life.

It does sound cheesy to those who did not jump yet. But once you do, once you have felt that heart of yours exploding the very moment you step out of the confort zone – which can come in every form; plane, rock, job, house, relationship … – you will feel the power. Your power.  There is no such thing as feeling your power. Nothing compares to that very second you realize: I did it. It is above the  »I can do this », because you are doing it already.

It is all about stepping. Forward, backward, does not really matter. All that matters is to keep moving, to keep looking for what works for you. Your goal should be to wake up every morning, being thankful and grateful; not sorry and miserable. Keep moving, keep looking, keep giving yourself all the chances you deserve.

I booked this trip because I was seeking for something more. Since I started packing – since I gave a voice to my dreams, I have found everything I was looking for; and more. Everything makes sense and I have never felt so alive. The trip does a lot to me, but what gives me all the power is knowing that back home I have the best nest to go back to.

I will not stop smiling, and I will not stop moving for there is always more to learn and discover. I am not looking anymore, I am building now. And I wish everyone can find this kind of peace.

There is no such thing as being stuck. Everything is possible, if you want it. Depends how bad you really want it. Change the perspective and see : the sky is the limit.

As I leave the happiest place I have ever visited, I feel like I am leaving a huge part of my heart here; in the hands, eyes and hearts of people I will never forget. Living also means leaving sometimes, and as much as it hurts it is oke… I am building.

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