How I never lived the 11th of June

I left Hawaii, heartbroken, on the 10th in the afternoon. Hugs and  »Alohas » where not enough to prove my gratitude; but I believe the common memories we cherish will help the healing process.

In some soft sun beams, I enjoy the last minutes on the island; leaning on the bridge going to my gate. Few minutes left before boarding. As if I needed to salt my skin once last time, tears keep on rolling. I have the same torning feeling each time I leave a place: why am I leaving again? Why did I leave in the first place? Eventhough I found myself being pretty good at leaving – so good it sometimes scares me. But the more I live, the harder it gets to leave.

Airports just hit me hard. It is like a space of nothing between two lives of mine. A big moment of solitude and emptiness; and I haven’t found a way yet to deal with it. A slice of  »reality » which slides in my happy chapters. A time to review the places where I did not only left a piece of me; but mostly where I built up the better version of myself. A time to experience how crucial it is to live now. A time to sit down, do nothing but wait and start freaking out about the future I always manage to leave in a corner as long as I am on the move. It happens. And it goes away each time the thrill of discovering a new place takes over.

Stepping in the plane was already tripping. Japanese hospitality cannot be beaten. And even the plane food is tasty…sorcery. It is only a few hours flight; but I land in Tokyo it is already the 11th of June, late evening. Here goes my Saturday, in the air… All the hours I won from the universe until now were taken back from me as I was drowling on my neck pillow. Fair enough. Just as the rest of this trip, I simply did not see it coming. I thought I was prepared, but I really did not expect to be so  »upside down ». All the tastes, smells, flavours, colours, laughs, sounds … all the impressions compiled in my head are changing my perspective. I cannot get lost anymore, anywhere. Because there is no such thing, if you set your mind on discovery instead of achievement; there is no such thing as getting lost.

Early morning, I was walking in the streets of Tokyo. I found an adorable coffee bar, which remind me of your soon to be favorite place to have a break **DENF coffee bar, De Witte Dame, Eindhoven**. Has a Kenya roast, tasting like heaven – I could taste the mango touch, and it took me back to sweet Kalani for a little while. And it hit me. I have many heavens on earth. Here I am, fully enjoying Tokyo, blending in the awakening city; drinking a cup of coffee which can send me back to places that are miles away from each other. A sip taken in Tokyo, my senses back in Hawaii and my heart in Eindhoven; where it belongs after all.

It is nothing to  »lose » a day while jumping over the pacific ocean, for time is just a measurement we made up to quantify and organize. I do not care not knowing which day is today, and I do not mind losing the 11th of June 2016; for I have found myself. In hopeless places, at a time of my life that I decided to dedicate to myself.

Light and enlighted, I strolled around the crazy city that Tokyo is. I had no idea which street I was walking, and asking for direction is not that easy. Eventually, I found myself in a park full of life and laughter. Kids blowing bubbles away; a clown making his own balloon-hat; lovers kissing in the sun; friends taking selfies on the bridge crossing over the pond; a group of young girls playing what looked like improv comedy; an inspired man bowing down to a tree … And I was smiling to all those events, singular and insignificants; but real and touching. Walking down Harajuku, I found myself in Cat Street. The cutest stairs happened to lead to a hairdresser salon. So yes, I painted half of my hair in bright pink. Because now is what matters, and the color reflects perfectly with my Hawaiian tan.

It has only been a few hours since I set foot in Japan, and I already have fallen for the place. The kindness of the people, the melody of the language, the peace of the gardens in the middle of business centers, the taste of the food … Such a different world, in which I already feel at ease. Everywhere is home, home is everywhere.



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