As I am hanging with a view on the Golf of Thailand, where nature shows its wonders straightforward, I wonder:  what is wrong with the human race?

The need of dominating took over all other needs. We lost focus, stopped thinking about being and breathing; and we concentrate our energies onto having and controlling. We want to control time, space and everything in between. We cannot accept to be a part of a whole; we want to have it all, to be it all. We focus our energies on the outside world and everything that is material; and therefore forget how to look at ourselves, resulting in losing our inner peace, and pace.

Our definitions have gone wrong. Being should have nothing to do with possessions. Power nothing with violence. Leadership nothing with domination. But it has become this way. As much as I do not want to lose faith in humanity, I have to see and witness the awful truth.

Violence and power conquest have brought the worst into human beings.

The torture techniques invented by humans to peel, drown, torn…other humans are one the many proofs that we have turned our backs to our instincts. We do not kill to survive but to dominate, to force our beliefs onto others, to shut down ideas and revolutions. We use our forces against our nature.

There are so many fatal errors in our system. Error in the definition of heroism; error in the use of nature, lands and resources; error in the definition of living together; error in the use of leadership…

It is about time to take responsibility, to stop blindingly losing ourselves to a society that does not serve our needs, to step up and make up something new. Be brave and let go of everything you know. Find your balance again. We know nothing, only what we have been taught. And that is not the truth; for there is no universal truth. Let go of the power, focus on yourself, equilibrate and be at peace with the world around you.

It is too easy to point fingers, and too painful to cry our dead. To the question ‘’when will it stop?’’, I want to answer ‘’when you will start looking at yourself and take actions’’. In every daily act of kindness, in every opening heart step towards others you take, in every selfless act you make: there is the change you and we need. No one else is going to save you but yourself; it all starts within you, within all of us.

We will not save the world as we know it, but we might give it a good chance for the coming generations. It is not only for yourself that you need to take the time to change, it is for the infinity of the world. We lost balance, and we should fight to gain it back.

It is sometimes impossible to see all of this, especially when we find ourselves stuck in the unbalanced life our society has created. It is easier for me to see, to feel and to believe in; because I took a step back and am now looking at my life from a distance, from a totally different perspective. It is all about balance, adaptation and acceptation. We are living in a world that changes so fast, we have to accept and adapt if we do not want to lose ourselves in this spinning energy.

We have to breathe, together. We need to stay united, first with ourselves – balancing with our own energies and the ones of the world around – and then with each other. All others, as different from us as they might be. Because this is the world we live in now: it is about time to let go of the fears. Then, the terrorism will have no reason left to be. And the error might get fixed.

It is going to take time, ages. But we have the time. For our children, and theirs. We have to take the time now to fix the error; otherwise they will suffer from it even more.

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