Ca se passe bien.

Ideas make you stronger. But really, the strength  – the fire leading your feet from the beginning – it has always been inside you. Losing the idea is painful; it is like a big cold slap – like the Dutch wind in the winter. It feels like your most precious thing is taken away from you. What you thought defined you – the idea – is gone, forever. You took this ‘’ base’’ for granted – a family, a friendship, a love story. But it crashed, unexpectedly. In your dizziness, you tend to forget how strong you truly are, how you have always been; and before you know it you are gone under waves of desperation and lamentation. These are your enemy. Stand up, and if you have to cry do it with pride. Rise up, for whatever you have to fight for – or against, is right in front of you.

You were strong from the beginning. Everything you are, everything you do, everything you own; it has always been yours, and it is yours forever if you want it. The idea that you were not alone helped you walking straight, faster, longer, further. But really, it was a shadow – and not even your own.

It is just an idea. The idea you were not alone, the idea you were supported, the idea you could do what you have done thanks to someone else, something else – necessarily bigger than you. But now, listen. Now, know. You were alone when it all started, and you will be alone when it will end. You are alone, and you are sufficient. You build up a legacy, of your own; thanks to your very self. Fire! Your light and warmth gathered people, owners of their own sparks. Together you move on, and that is only because each and every one of you is sufficient: self-sufficient, self-constructor, self-fired.

The idea to belong to a group, a family, a whole is comforting. But it does not define you. Lose the idea; hold tight to your own intensity. You are enough, you have always been.

This energy of yours is alive, it goes up and down. Alternately you feed or get fed by others. This is how we go on. All of us. Energies are carried on, shared and cared for. Sometimes you carry more, sometimes you care more. And the world is in balance, as long as you remember that you are needed as your very self, and that this very self is powerful and abundant.

Let go of the ideas.  You only define yourself. Not your mother, not your husband, not your oldest friends, not your boss. You are you. And if we can accept to have been created by some kind of big bang, I am confident we will manage someday to accept ourselves. Be, believe, bhakti.

Ca va bien se passer. Ca se passe déjà pas mal.

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