Trip and treats

Spring has sprung; time has come.

No one said it would be easy, and it has not been. From the moment you decide to listen to yourself and to give your dream a chance to come to reality, there is a whole world. A world of doubts and fears, but more importantly a world filled with supportive people, encouraging you in this happiness pursuit. My trivial happiness pursuit. A game I won the day I decided to step in, or I’d rather say to step out of my comfort zone.

I am in for a treat; 14 weeks to walk the world. My pedicure is done, my bag is packed, my heart is torn – but for good reasons. I am not leaving, for I am travelling. I am not running, for I am experiencing. I have the best reasons to come back. I am turning my dreams into memories, and I have the best people to share them with. leaving on the edge

While packing, I found a picture. I was about 11, my brother was turning 13. He wears a shirt with the quote  »If you’re not living on the edge, you’re wasting space ». We were both clueless. But this is probably the best shirt one can own, and wear. No idea where the shirt went, but I will live by this quote.

How to not waste space? Keep moving. Keep busy and keep being. I do not pretend to have any answers to my questions either quests yet; but I am on the way to find them. On my way.

The journey starts on Monday the 2nd of May.  »En mai, faut ce qu’il te plait » : in May do as you wish. Well. I wish to be nourished by breathtaking views, moving stories, authentic people, and fresh fruits.

I am lucky enough to have been taken on pre-trip treats these last weeks. First a hiking week in Bretagne, on the GR 34. A good way to test my shoes, and their waterproofing. From Saint Malo and its devious waves to windy Cap Frehel and its tricky parking spots (yes we lost the car. But we also lost a shoe in the sea. We only found the car back.) 

5 days to walk a bit more than 100 km. Liquids records ; very little rain, just enough Rosé to cheer us up at the end of each day, and Belgian beers taste better than Dutch coffee.

Sillon GR 34  (4)

Second treat, from which I just came back. All my senses have been drowned in the purest taste of happiness, from Germany (good frühstück, great highways), to Switzerland (winning the prices for most expensive espresso in the world – 4.50, you better be thirsty ; least friendly customs officials; and best lake access for wild swim) to la Bella Italia.

IMG-20160429-WA0023[1]   P1070364

2 days in Torino just gave me enough time to fall a bit more in love with Italy ; light heart, sparkling eyes and mouth full of melting cheese. Marocchino to start up the day, espresso before bed, and in between more delightful bites than I could chew.

I am more than ready to go, for I am also more than ready to come back to hug  »I missed you » all the friends I just hugged  »goodbye »; or as we say here, Houdoe!

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